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About Thompson Howle Vaughn

Specializing in complex and litigated matters that affect the elderly and people with disabilities

We handle guardianship, trust, probate, vulnerable adult and special needs legal work and litigation arising from those issues

The older person who falls victim to financial exploitation by a paid caregiver. The parents who must protect a special needs child after they’re gone. The family who needs guidance to meet the needs of a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The guardian or trustee who seeks counsel to perform their fiduciary duties. The executor who needs representation to recover assets wrongfully taken from a decedent’s estate. These are just some of the clients of our firm. We are a Seattle-based law firm concentrating in legal issues affecting the elderly and people with disabilities. We handle guardianship, trust, probate, vulnerable adult and special needs legal work and litigation arising from those issues.

The firm occupies a much-needed niche in Western Washington. “Not many firms have our unique legal expertise,” Thompson says. “We have gained the confidence of our peers, who refer clients to our firm. They are confident that their clients will be well served.”

Howle joined Thompson’s firm in 1984 after leaving the Court of Appeals in Seattle. The two lawyers established Thompson & Howle in 1987, which now has five attorneys. “Our practice brings us both personal and professional satisfaction.” After practicing more than 10 years with Thompson & Howle, Vaughn joined the partnership in 2016.

The firm assists clients at all stages of representation, including probate, trust and guardianship administration, and litigation of disputes through trial and appeal. Attorney Florence Deleranko adds substantial experience in real estate law, allowing the firm to handle both simple and complex real property issues. Our professional team includes three paralegals who work directly with clients, draft reports and pleadings, manage litigated cases, and allow the firm to cost-effectively represent clients.

Laws regarding trusts, estates, guardianship, vulnerable adults, and special needs trusts have changed dramatically in the last 10 to 20 years. Thompson Howle Vaughn has been in the forefront of some of these changes. Experience is imperative. “Our practice has spanned all the changes,” Howle says. “We have a depth of knowledge found in few other firms in our area.”